Dr. John Park, MD – Houston Neurosurgeon

Houston Neurosurgeon | Dr. John ParkDr. John Park is a Houston neurosurgeon specializing in a wide range of operations of the spine and the brain. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and his medical degree from the UCLA School of Medicine. He completed his residency training in neurological surgery at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. He has completed advanced fellowship training in complex spine surgery at both the Cleveland Clinic and at the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. In addition, he has completed fellowship training at the Brain Tumor Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, as well as in Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in  Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Park has a strong interest in complex spine surgery. He also has an interest in a wide range of brain-related disorders, including tumors and trigeminal neuralgia. He has special training in Gamma Knife radiosurgery and in the treatment of skull-base pathology, such as tumors.

He has continued the tradition of “first” at the Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Center. He performed the first awake craniotomy in Fort Bend County. This is brain surgery performed while the patient is awake (not under anesthesia) to safely remove a tumor in a critical location of the brain. He also performed the first surgery for hemifacial spasm in Fort Bend County.



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