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Educating our patients is a professional responsibility that Houston neurosurgeons Dr. Bindal and Dr. Park take pride in.
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Infection Rate of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery vs Open Spinal Surgery

We perform more minimally invasive spine surgeries than any other practice in the entire region. If you are seeking a surgeon who is an expert in spinal surgery… read more.

Can You Avoid Spinal Fusion Surgery with an Alternative?

Our surgeons are among the most experienced in the state at finding ways to successfully treat patients while avoiding spinal fusion surgery.… read more.

Surgical Versus Non-Operative Treatment For Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

This important study comes from the national Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial, otherwise known as SPORT. It is the most comprehensive study on the efficacy of lumbar laminectomy in the treatment of symptomatic … read more.

The Effect of Bilateral Laminotomy Versus Laminectomy on Motion and Stiffness

Laser back surgery is a heavily marketed term on the internet today. Unfortunately, the term may be very misleading. Lasers have very limited utility in actual spinal surgery and are used mostly as a marketing gimmick … read more.

Laminar Closure After Single Open-Door Laminoplasty Using Titanium Miniplates Versus Suture Anchors

This study is a review of of bilateral laminectomy versus laminectomy on the motion and stiffness of the human lumbar spine: a biomechanical comparison … read more.

Radiation Exposure to Surgeon & Patients in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

This study is a review of radiation exposure to patients and the surgeon in minimally invasive lumbar fusion surgery. The journal the study was published in, the Journal of Neurosurgery … read more.

Does minimally invasive surgery have a lower risk of surgical site infections compared with open spinal surgery?

A review was performed of 2299 patients who underwent lumbar spinal surgery. Types of surgeries included transforaminal lumbar interbody fusions, lumbar laminectomies, and lumbar discectomies… read more.

Comparison of Cerebral Spinal Fluid Leak In Minimally Invasive versus Open Surgery

In a review of 863 patients undergoing open vs. minimally invasive lumbar spinal surgery, the authors analyzed the risk of a common complication of spinal surgery… read more.