Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

An artificial cervical disc is a device inserted between two neck vertebrae after an intervertebral disc has been surgically removed in the process of decompressing the spinal cord or a nerve root. The intent of the device is to preserve motion at the disc space. Artificial cervical disc replacement is an alternative to the use of bone grafts, plates and screws in pursuit of a fusion following such a disc removal.

Cervical disc replacement surgery would most typically be done for patients with cervical disc herniations that have not responded to non-surgical treatment options and are significantly affecting the individuals' quality of life and ability to function.

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Spinal Disc Replacement Surgery

An artificial disc replacement surgery may be done instead of an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. The theoretical advantages of artificial cervical disc surgery over a fusion include maintaining normal neck motion and theoretically reducing degeneration of adjacent segments of the cervical spine. These advantages have not yet been proven in the literature.

Artificial cervical discs are only FDA approved for the treatment of a single disc. If more than one disc needs treatment, than traditional fusion surgery may be required. Additionally, this cervical disc replacement surgery treatment is only indicated for soft herniated discs without significant bone spur formation. Spinal arthritis, deformity, and instability are also contra-indications.

Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery

Only a few insurance payers currently cover artificial disc replacement surgery. Your neurosurgeon at the Texas Spine & Neurosurgery Center in the Greater Houston Area will discuss your condition with you at the time of your consultation and inform you if surgery is appropriate. If spinal surgery is appropriate, he will discuss if cervical disc replacement surgery may be an option for you. Get your artificial disc replacement surgery in Houston done by one of Texas' leading Neurosurgeon, Dr. Bindal.

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