Degenerative Disk Disease

There are normal changes that occur in the spine and the disks in our spines are designed to absorb shock and stay flexible so that you can continue to bend and twist throughout your life. As we age, these disks can start to show signs of wear and tear, which is fairly common. When you start experiencing pain with these changes and wear and tear, it could be a sign that you’re dealing with degenerative disk disease.

Dealing with Degenerative Disk Disease

Wear and tear on the disks in your spine shouldn’t be painful, so when you start experiencing pain, it’s important to talk to your neurosurgeon as soon as possible for a diagnosis. If you start experiencing sharp and constant pain in your back and neck, this could be a sign of degenerative disk disease. Some other common symptoms include:

  • Pain in your lower back, buttocks, and upper thighs
  • Pain that comes and goes
  • Pain that gets worse when you sit and better as you move and walk around
  • Pain that feels more severe when you bend, lift, or twist
  • Pain that fades as you change positions or lie down

Degenerative disk disease can be caused by a lack of water in the disks or a crack or damage that has been caused to a disk. Your neurosurgeon will review your symptoms and medical history to determine if you’re dealing with degenerative disk disease. From there, you may need to be prescribed medication for inflammation and pain, you may need physical therapy, or you may need steroid shots. In severe cases, surgery might be necessary to replace the damaged disk.

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