Cervical Laminoplasty - Procedure

Laminoplasty Procedure & Myelopathy Treatment

A cervical laminoplasty may also be performed when a surgeon needs to access the spinal cord for another reason. For example, a cervical laminoplasty can allow access to the spinal cord for the surgical treatment of:

  • tumors
  • vascular malformations, tangles of abnormal blood vessels
  • syringomyelia, fluid-filled cysts within the spinal cord

The Procedure:

The cervical laminoplasty procedure involves an approach to the spine coming from the back of the neck. The surgeon strips the muscle off the spinal bones. A part of the bone called the spinous process may be removed. A partial thickness cut may be made through the lamina on one side of the spinal canal during myelopathy treatment. A full thickness cut may be made on the other side. The spinal lamina is then carefully lifted off of the spinal cord, decompressing it. The lamina is prevented from closing back down by a bone spacer which is carefully placed during the myelopathy treatment process. A tiny titanium plate and screws then fix the lamina to the bone spacer and the facet joint. The bones may then fuse back together. The myelopathy treatment technique allows multiple levels to be treated without losing motion of the joints.

After the Procedure:

After a cervical laminoplasty surgery, there will be some discomfort and limitation of motion for a few weeks. You will probably stay in the hospital for one to two days, and you may need some pain medication for a short period of time. Your activity may be limited for a few weeks. You may increase your level of activity as you feel comfortable. Activities such as driving and returning to work depend on your own personal comfort and safety level. FYI— you will not have to wear a collar.

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