Meningioma Tumor Treatment

What are Meningiomas?

Meningioma is generally a benign growth on the brain. About 15% of all brain tumors are meningiomas and they are the most common primary brain tumor. These tumors typically attach to the dura. They are twice as common in women than men. Brain and meningiomas are more common with older age. These tumors arise from the covering of the brain. Most meningiomas grow inward toward the brain as discrete, well-defined, dural-based masses. Most of them are spherical or lobulated. Rarely, en plaque meningiomas infiltrate the dura and grow as a thin carpet or sheet of tumor along the convexity dura, falx, or tentorium.

Meningioma Brain Tumor Symptoms

Meningiomas can remain clinically asymptomatic for years because of their slow growth. They can sometimes reach a large size, especially in the frontal lobes, with few symptoms. The primary complaints of patients often include weakness, numbness, seizures, cognitive dysfunction, depression, and headaches. Although the vast majority of meningiomas are benign, a few can be malignant, or cancerous.

Meningioma Treatment for Brain & Spinal Tumors

Treatment for Meningiomas Tumors usually consists of either surgery, radiation, or observation. There is no medical treatment or chemotherapy available for benign brain and spinal meningiomas. For tumors causing pressure on critical brain structures, surgery may be the only treatment option. For certain small tumors, or asymptomatic tumors, radiation can be a very effective treatment. The most effective type of radiation is focused beam stereotactic radiation, also called radiosurgery.

Brain & Spinal Meningioma Tumor Treatment Specialists in Houston, TX

Brain & Spinal Meningiomas treatment can be quite successful, and our Brain Tumor Treatment Specialists at the Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Center have an excellent track record of successful treatment of these tumors. Your surgeon will discuss with you what treatment strategy is most appropriate for you. Schedule your appointment today – (281) 313-0031.

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