Cervical Spine Surgery

When you’re dealing with issues in your spinal cord, it’s very important to discuss the possibility of surgery with your neurosurgeon. If you’re dealing with neck pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness, it’s important to restore nerve function and prevent abnormal motions from happening in your neck. In order to treat this issue, your neurosurgeon may recommend cervical spinal surgery to either remove a disc or fuse the vertebrae together and stabilize your spine.

What is Cervical Spine Surgery?

During the process of cervical spine surgery, your surgeon will either remove a disc or a bone and then fuse the vertebrae together using a bone graft. This will happen either in front of or behind the spine. Your surgeon will either take a bone graft from you or a donor. In certain cases, they may also use metal plates or screws to stabilize the spine. Once your spine is stabilized, the abnormal motion should be stopped, and you may notice that function is fully restored to the spinal nerves.

When is Cervical Spine Surgery Needed?

Typically, cervical spine surgery is performed for various spinal neck problems. This could be from degenerative disorders or trauma. These conditions are ones that tend to produce pressure on the spinal cord and cause pain. The conditions that are normally treated with cervical spine surgery include:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Cervical deformity
  • Trauma

Some of these issues can cause the spine to be worn down and you might notice arthritic areas in your spine. These conditions can cause you to feel numb, pain, tingling, or weakness from the pressure applied to the spinal nerves.

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