Spinal Stenosis - Procedure

An open surgery or a minimally invasive technique can be used to relieve nerve compression and stabilize the lumbar spine. Your surgeon may choose a minimally invasive approach rather than open spine surgery, due to the lower incidence of complications with a minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Bindal is one Texas's leading spinal surgeons and an expert in minimally invasive procedures. You can find out about the procedure itself and a time on what to expect below:

The Procedure

Through an incision made along the midline of the back over the vertebral level(s) to be treated, your surgeon will

  • Gently pull aside soft tissue – skin, fat and muscle – to expose the vertebral bone at the back (posterior) of the spine
  • Cut away all or part of the lamina to relieve the source of compression
  • Remove any other sources of compression; i.e., bone spurs and/or disc material (discectomy)
  • Ease the soft tissues back into place and close the incision

A lumbar laminectomy also may be performed in conjunction with spinal fusion. This involves placing bone graft or bone graft substitute between two or more affected vertebrae to promote bone growth between the vertebral bodies. The graft material acts as a binding medium – as the body heals, the vertebral bone and bone graft eventually grow together to join the vertebrae and stabilize the spine.

After surgery

After the surgery, you will be shifted to the recovery room where your vital signs will be closely monitored by the medical staff. You may have mild discomfort following the surgery.

Post-operative care

You should keep your incision area clean and dry. You should not smoke, drive, lift heavy things, swim or use a hot tub. Start physical therapy as directed by your doctor. Take medications as recommended by your doctor as well as arrange a follow-up appointment with your doctor.

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