Laser Back Surgery

Laser back surgery is a heavily marketed term on the internet today. Unfortunately, the term may be very misleading. Lasers have very limited utility in actual spinal surgery and are used mostly as a marketing gimmick. Only in cases involving certain rare types of tumors may a laser have any real value. The qualified spine surgeons at Texas Spine and Neurosurgery will determine the right spine treatment or surgery specific to your needs.

Most spine centers advertising "laser spine surgery" actually perform standard surgical and interventional back and neck pain treatments in which there are no need for lasers. Lasers may be used for localization so a doctor can say he did use it. The only effect on the patient may be an increased charge on his bill.

Laser Spine Surgery Alternatives in Houston, TX

As the leading neurosurgery practice in greater Houston we are careful to not use misleading terminology like laser back surgery. The spine surgeons at Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Center are committed to providing the most advanced and effective healthcare for our patients based on clinical data and scientific research. Our spine surgeons use lasers only if there is an advantage for our patients, which is why we are the leading back & spine doctors in Texas. Schedule your consultation today with one of our Houston neurosurgeons(281) 313-0031.

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