Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Center Announces Patient Access to the Most Advanced MRI Scanner in the U.S.

Patient Access To Advance MRI Scanner

The Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Center is pleased to announce that our patients now have access to one of the most advanced MRI scanners in the world and the most advanced in the great state of Texas. The Methodist Sugar Land Hospital recently installed the latest GE MRI machine. This scanner has a 3.0 Tesla magnet, allowing by far the best resolution scan possible for neurosurgery, including imaging of the brain and spine. "All of the other hospitals, including Memorial Herman and St. Luke's, in the southwest and west side of greater Houston have only 1.5 Tesla machines," says Dr. Rajesh Bindal, founder of the Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Center. "In fact, a patient would have to go all the way to the Texas Medical Center to find another MRI with a 3.0 Tesla magnet," says Dr. Bindal.

MRI Scans without the Claustrophobic Feeling

Additionally, the scanner is the first wide bore 3.0 Tesla machine in the state of Texas. The scanner is specifically designed to avoid claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is a common problem with can make it terrifying or even impossible for many patients to get an MRI scan. A wide bore means that the tube is much larger than with standard MRI machines. It is also specially lighted and shorter than previous scanners. "We have had many patients suffering from claustrophobia who were unable to get an MRI scan on a standard machine, who had no problem with the new scanner," notes Dr. Bindal. The quality of the magnet is actually better than previous 3.0 MRI Tesla machines, according to GE.

Advanced MRI Technology at the Texas Spine & Neurosurgery Center

It is only the third scanner of its kind installed in the United States and the seventh in the world. "We are blessed to practice at a hospital with such high quality equipment, much better even than in the Medical Center," says Dr. Bindal. Doctors practicing at other hospitals in the area and their patients do not have access to this advanced MRI technology. This includes MRI technology, operating room and hospital equipment and personnel, and even advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques. "We lead the city in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and are the only practice in the area to perform Gamma Knife Radiosurgery, which is bloodless surgery without a knife," states Dr. Bindal. We are proud to maintain the highest standards in greater Houston.

To make an appointment with the Houston neurosurgeons at the Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Center, please call (281) 313-0031.

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