What Is Kyphoplasty Surgery?

Learn more about kyphoplasty surgery and how it can improve spinal fractures.

If you are dealing with a spinal fracture that has impacted your height, mobility and functionality, our Sugar Land, TX, neurosurgeon Dr. Rajesh Bindal may recommend kyphoplasty to restore and stabilize the damaged vertebrae. Here’s what you should know about this procedure.

What is a compression fracture? 

A compression fracture refers to one or more breaks in the spine's vertebra or bones. A compression fracture can decrease a person’s height by about 15-20 percent.

How do compression fractures happen? 

This is more likely to occur in older individuals. Postmenopausal women who have osteoporosis are more likely to deal with compression fractures due to this bone-weakening condition. This is why it’s important for all women in their 40s and 50s to see their doctor regularly for screenings to detect osteoporosis early. Early interventions can slow the disorder's progression to reduce your risk for compression fractures.

Of course, compression fractures can happen to both men and women. Spinal injuries, often from car accidents or sports, as well as spinal tumors, can also result in these types of breaks.

What are the signs and symptoms of a compression fracture? 

Some of the most common symptoms of a compression fracture include,

  • Sudden back pain
  • Back pain that’s intensified with activity or standing
  • Pain that’s reduced by lying down
  • Limited mobility and range of motion
  • Height loss (this will happen gradually)

If you develop back pain, particularly after an accident, bad fall or injury, it’s important that you turn to our Sugar Land, TX, neurosurgeon to rule out a compression fracture.

When is kyphoplasty recommended? 

Suppose you’ve tried nonsurgical treatment options such as lifestyle changes, medications and bracing, but you’re still dealing with back pain and limited mobility. In that case, our Sugar Land, TX, team may recommend kyphoplasty.

What does kyphoplasty involve? 

The procedure typically takes one to two hours under either general anesthesia or local anesthesia and conscious sedation. During kyphoplasty, imaging technology is used to help our Sugar Land, TX, team guide a needle with a balloon into the vertebrae. From there, we will inject the balloon with a special filler to close the gap where the fracture is to stabilize and strengthen the vertebrae. Kyphoplasty can prevent the vertebrae from eventually collapsing.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a spinal fracture and want to discuss treatment options, including kyphoplasty surgery, with our Sugar Land, TX, neurosurgeon Dr. Bindal, call Texas Spine and Neurosurgery Center today at (281) 313-0031.

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