"When I met Dr. Bindal in November 2014 I was unable to walk without assistance and had minimal function of my hands. Six months earlier I began experiencing cramping in my legs. As my symptoms worsened, I saw several specialists and had an MRI and CT scan of my lumbar spine. These tests did not show anything that would be causing my symptoms, yet they continued to get worse. I started having cramping in my hands and began to lose strength and coordination in my hands. Then one day, I felt as if I were paralyzed. My husband took me to the ER. I was admitted to the hospital and again tests were run on my lumbar spine. There were no abnormalities that could be associated with my symptoms. A nurse came in and told me I was being discharged home. At this point I was confined to a wheelchair, unable to feed myself or take care of general personal hygiene. I had gone from being an active nurse to being totally dependent on my husband in less than six months, yet no one was really listening to me. I asked the nurse, "What am I supposed to do? Go to a nursing home at age 51?" The hospital then sent a nurse case manager in to see me. He was more sympathetic to my situation and arranged for a transfer to a rehabilitation hospital. I arrived at the rehabilitation hospital on the weekend, but the physical and occupational therapists showed true concern about me. On Monday, they met with the physician to discuss my case. After he examined me, he immediately consulted a neurologist who ordered an MRI of my entire spine. The MRI of the cervical spine showed severe spinal cord compression at levels C4 through C7 which resulted in a condition called myelopathy, the cause of my symptoms. The neurologist said I needed surgery and made arrangements for me to be transferred to Methodist Sugar Land Hospital under the care of Dr. Rajesh Bindal. Dr. Bindal ordered additional testing then sat down with my husband and me, explained in detail what was causing my symptoms and the type of surgery necessary to take pressure off the spinal cord. Dr. Bindal performed a four level fusion on my neck the next day. My fingers were severely bent prior to the surgery, making it difficult for me to do anything with my hands. The first thing I noticed after surgery was I could spread my fingers apart and move my legs without any effort! I was able to feed myself the next day. It was a slow process, but I was so happy I could use my hands again. Today I can cook simple meals. I can drive again and take short shopping trips. I've had a complete turn around in my quality of life since the surgery. Dr. Bindal gave me my life back! "
Silvia Dylinski - April 20, 2015, 5/5, Brookshire, TX

"I had developed left leg and lower back pain. The leg pain continued to worsen to the point that I could not walk more than 10 minutes without being in severe pain. My family doctor prescribed physical therapy, which didn't help. I then saw another doctor who referred me to Dr. Park. Dr. Park gave me three treatment options, physical therapy, injections and surgery. I had already tried physical therapy with no improvement in my pain. The injections would provide temporary pain relief and not fix the real problem, so I chose to have surgery. On December 3, 2012 I had a fusion at L4-5. The pain in my left leg was gone almost immediately after surgery. I have continued to make progress and have returned to all my normal activities. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and would recommend Dr. Park to anyone who needs back surgery."
- JR - April 2, 2013, 5/5, El Campo, TX

"In early 2008 I began experiencing problems with my balance and severe headaches. My symptoms progressed to the point that I was using a walker and had to take medical leave from work. Treatments by local doctors were not helping my symptoms. A friend from work told me about Dr. Bindal and I scheduled an appointment to see him in June 2008. Dr. Bindal showed genuine concern about my symptoms. An MRI of my neck showed a leak in spinal fluid at the site of a previous neck surgery. Dr. Bindal performed surgery in July 2008 to repair the leak. My symptoms rapidly improved. I was walking without a walker and no longer had the excruciating headaches. I was released to return to work September 1, 2008. In June 2011 I returned to see Dr. Bindal for severe right leg pain and weakness. I was in a wheelchair. I had several tests, a neurological workup and was diagnosed with normal pressure hydrocephalus. Dr. Bindal performed surgery in August 2011 to insert a shunt to help relieve the pressure in my brain. Again, I recovered completely from the surgery with full relief of the painful symptoms. I now walk an hour every day. I am so thankful I found Dr. Bindal. I feel like he is my guardian angel and saved my life on two different occasions."
- Madrak - June 2, 2012, 5/5

"Nine years ago I was fortunate to get Dr. Bindal's name from my insurance carrier. I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma which required a referral to a neurosurgeon. When I saw Dr. Bindal I was suffering from severe headaches and a loss of energy. It took significant effort just to perform everyday tasks. Three months after surgery I was fully recovered and back to my usual routine. Two years ago I was diagnosed with recurrence of the tumor. There was no doubt in my mind who would perform my surgery. Dr. Bindal had moved his practice from the Texas Medical Center to Sugar Land, but I would follow him no matter where he was located. After the second surgery, Dr. Bindal was very candid explaining that the tumor required more aggressive surgery than the first. I would need ongoing care of a specialist to monitor my pituitary function. He referred me to an excellent endocrinologist. Thanks to new surgical techniques, I was well on my way to recovery two weeks after surgery. I have the utmost faith and respect for Dr. Bindal. He is a caring physician and knows how to put you at ease when you are facing a serious surgery. I appreciated his factual approach to explaining my condition and the patience he showed in answering all my questions."
- Oran McLemore - July 18, 2012, 5/5

"I was experiencing weakness, numbness and tingling in my hands and feet and eventually began losing my balance and had several falls at home. Dr. Bindal explained that an MRI of my neck showed that I had pressure on my spinal cord. Dr. Bindal discussed my diagnosis and the surgery I would need in a manner I could clearly understand. He performed surgery on October 10, 2010 to take the pressure off my spinal cord. Within a month I noticed more strength in my hands and my balance was much better. My handwriting also improved! Today I feel wonderful. I exercise every day. I feel I had the best care possible. If I ever had to have spine surgery again, Dr. Bindal would be my surgeon."
- Betty Miori - July 18th, 2012, 5/5, Wharton, TX

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